Improving Proof.

We help people prove themselves worthy of opportunity.


BrightLink sits in the crossroads between what people were and what they’re going to become. We help individuals demonstrate value, articulate trustworthiness, and move to a new chapter of life. It is the American dream to take hold of opportunity and make a better life for your family. We believe in this dream and wake up every day to serve people in their pursuit.


In 2007 BrightLink began as a custom software firm. We loved the challenge that came with huge diversity of clients. However, because we were constantly learning new markets we couldn't truly impact any single one. With a focus on the professional credentialling industry came a focus of operation and we’ve identified seven values to be core to our operations. These are an articulation of how we behave and how we evaluate ourselves. We didn’t construct these values to decide who we want to be, we scratched these down to communicate who we know we are...

Core Values

Be Remarkable

Nurture Enduring Partnerships

Always Drive to Deliver

Practice Humble Service

Seek Pragmatic Perfection

Create Positive Personal Growth

Engage in Camaraderie


Keeping candidate information clearly in mind

If you only had one candidate wouldn't tracking her be easy? Everyone on your staff would know everything they need to know about her contact info, qualifications, history and payment status. You wouldn't need to hunt for or even think about anything, her info would simply always be top of mind - you'd know it like the back of your hand.

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Whether you call them practical, performance, OSCE or just constructed response items, Crucible has you covered.

The hot story behind Crucible isn't how much better it is for examiners to grade using a handheld device instead of scribbling notes or filling in tiny bubbles on paper forms. That part is cool, but easy to see. What sets Crucible apart is the real-time exam delivery data system that puts speed and power behind all those touchscreens.

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Clients & Testimonials

The National Dental Board of Canada is extremely pleased with the Crucible & Clarus systems. The system allows for faster, more accurate entry of examiner scores, instant feed back on disagreements and tracking of examiner performance. Data seamlessly flows from one system to another offering a complete solution.

Jack D Gerrow, DDS, Executive Director/Registrar, National Dental Examining Board of Canada

BrightLink [ Clarus ] enabled us to reduce NHA's operational workload by 60% in the same period we doubled our candidate volume. If you need me to go on a roadshow with [BrightLink], just let me know.

Tyson Schmidt, Director of Operations at Ascend Learning - National Healthcareer Association

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