Crucible Essay

Smart, Simple Essay Scoring

Training & Calibration
Examiner Training & Calibration

Assess individual examiner readiness with exam simulation training via pre-exam calibration or with auto-seeded essays.

Crucible Cloud™
Distributed Marking Model

Crucible Cloud™ ensures that all your graders need is an internet connection and a web browser to process results.

Live Examiner Analytics

View live grading trends and discern when to correct underperforming examiners - all in real time.

Infinite Scalability

Whether you have 200 essays or 2,000,000, Crucible’s scalable infrastructure can manage your exam without compromising performance.

Human-Centric Interface

Crucible utilizes scientifically validated interfaces to ensure your graders are always performing to the best of their ability.

Comprehensive Exam Management

Publish content with a single click and organize graders into content teams to evaluate essays.


The Crucible Method

Focus on testing, not logistics
Crucible is the only turn-key human scoring system that supports every major testing method, including: Observational, OSCE, Performance-based Assessments, Oral Interviews, and Essay Marking. Crucible Cloud™ is deployed through a dynamic web interface that allows examiners to evaluate candidate performance, and system admins to easily manage the entire exam life cycle. BrightLink can also send turn-key grading “kits” - which include tablets, networking equipment, and servers - to deliver an “offline” exam event with no additional equipment required.

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