Improving Proof

Our Story

BrightLink is an Atlanta-based software firm dedicated exclusively to the professional credentialing industry. Originally founded in 2007 by EW Looney to assist our first client in the dental licensure industry, BrightLink has continued to innovate the systems and processes that credentialing organizations rely upon in order to manage their candidates. Stretching across the U.S. and into Canada, Australia, and beyond, our solutions are now used in a variety of industries. Our primary goal has, and will always be, to empower those individuals who are looking to better their lives and careers through licensure or certification.

Our Core Values

BrightLink is able to achieve its primary goal of changing lives for the better by embodying our core values, both at a corporate and individual level. These are an integral part of who we are and what we do.

→ Be Remarkable
→ Nurture Enduring Partnerships
→ Always Drive to Deliver
→ Practice Humble Service
→ Seek Pragmatic Perfection
→ Create Positive Personal Growth
→ Engage in Camaraderie

Leadership Team

E.W. Looney
E.W. Looney
E.W. Looney
Shaun Dishman
Director of Engineering
E.W. Looney
Daniel J. Rocco, PhD